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Traffic Racer Hack and Cheats 2019 – Get In-game Cash For Free

Traffic Racer raises the standards to a whole new level when it comes to 3D mobile driving games. Traffic racer revolves around racing with multiple drivers in different tracks, and you can improve your car’s specs by purchasing upgrades with cash. You can get more of these money by exchanging real money for them, or you can use our Traffic Racer Hack to get them for free!

You get to choose from a variety of stylish race cars offering different specs. And for a mobile game, the graphics are fantastic, offering dazzling particle effects and realistic collisions that make the game all the more immersive. You also have the option of choosing what kind of weather you want to drive in, so you can enjoy driving around in your favorite type of climate!

This is a game for both players looking for a quick way to pass the time or players who want to commit to playing a game for the long-term. Different game modes make increases replayability and give you a variety of things to do. One of Traffic Racer’s great features is that it encourages the player to live dangerously by giving away extra points the closer you are to other cars (don’t hit them though). The game’s developers are also very active, continuously giving the game free updates that improve the performance and occasionally provides new content (such as new car models). This ensures that you will not run out of things to do!

Traffic Racer Review

Are there moments during your day where you have absolutely nothing to do? Whether it’s getting stuck inside heavy traffic or you’re waiting for someone to arrive, these boring moments can be made a bit more bearable with mobile gaming. Having a game on your phone can help you pass the time to relax instead of just waiting. It also increases your mental activity more than just sitting and doing nothing. Traffic Racer is perfect for this because it’s fast-paced and it doesn’t take a lot of time to finish a track. With Traffic Racer Cheats, you can get a little bit of an advantage to more veteran players who’ve been playing the game longer than you. With our cheats, you can quickly and easily get the car you want and give it maximum upgrades.

Whenever you’re in a race, and you collide with something or accidentally get off the track, you immediately lose, and you have to start over. If you want something that offers a more relaxed gameplay experience, worry not. There are 4 gaming modes that you can choose from. And if you ever get bored with riding a car, you can select a different vehicle like a van or a truck to provide a bit more challenge.

Traffic Racer Basics

The game itself has very straightforward mechanics but requires some skill if you want to master it and go against expert players. To start, you get a free truck to drive with. After you select the vehicle you want, you can now choose the gaming mode you want to play, all of which are available and don’t require any unlocking. There are 4 locations in total you can drive in, two are free to play, while the other two requires purchasing using the game’s currency.

After choosing any location you want, the race starts! You start with tilting controls at first, tilting the direction you want to go to. Slow down by tilting your device towards you, and move faster by tilting your device away from you. But you can opt to change these into more traditional key controls in the settings menu if you so desire. We recommend using the key controls if you’re doing the Time Trials. And if you’re still having a bit of trouble adjusting, you can try out our helpful Traffic Racer Hack Tool that will improve your vehicle’s performance to make driving easier.

Use The Traffic Racer Hack Utility If You Want More Cash

Because Traffic Racer has 4 gaming modes that are incredibly different from each other the way they play, it will help a lot if you train and study each one first if you want to get a good score (Your best score will be displayed in every gaming mode, but not all modes have a scoring). You should also try to get the Daily Bonus that’s available to all players. With almost every mode with excluding the Free Ride option (This is similar to a practice match), you get cash rewards every time you complete them. If you want to unlock the different levels, you can use our effective Traffic Racer hacks that will get you free cash without grinding for them or wasting your real-life pocket money.

Game Modes

The Endless mode (One-Way) lets you travel in the same direction for as long as you want, provided you don’t crash. This offers more of a relaxed experience, but the traffic gets much worse as you move further away. There is also A Two-Way gaming mode that has two lanes with opposite directions, and you can get extra points the longer you drive in the wrong lane.

For the Time Trial mode, you have to finish an objective within a minute and a half. There are four different lanes going in the same direction where you are tasked to get as much “close calls” you can accomplish. Crashing into something is not too bad since you will simply regenerate and continue the course, but this will lose you a few seconds. Within a minute an a half, you can collect as much as a thousand points, making this one of the best modes to collect points as quickly. With our Traffic Racer Hack Apk, you can improve your car to have the best acceleration and handling to improve the way you do the challenges. This also helps you beat the top scores of the best players effortlessly.

The last mode is essentially the “practice mode,” and it’s called Free Ride. You don’t have to worry about other cars or obstacles in your path. If you just want to drive and appreciate the lovely graphics, then this mode is perfect for you!

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